Home Baking – more accidents happen in the home

When deciding to cook at home there are many risks to consider, food hygiene, burns and scolds and our famous health and safety friends, slips, trips and falls.

How to prevent accidents in the home:-



Order work 

Store correctly


This weekend when wondering what to do with the odd bitternut squash, this was the result of my invention, Butternut. Squash. Soup. 

Squash potato cinnamon salt and pepper apple Olive oil stock cream

Cut the squash and potato roughly. Dice some squash and the apple for garnish

Boil roughly cut squash and potato in stock season with salt and pepper and cinnamon until soft. 

Fry diced squash and apple in Olive oil and cinnamon until browned

Pass soup through a sieve and sift until smooth.  

Serve, add a swirl of cream and garnish , eat with rustic bread and local churned butter.







Cheryl Bass


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